40 days

It’s appropriate that Lent fall now, in the midst of me wanting to make changes in myself, including strengthening my relationship with God. I’ve never participated in giving something up, but I think it’s the perfect timing, the perfect extra nudge. For Lent:

1. No Pinterest. It’s fantastic for brainstorming ideas and saving ideas, recipes, projects all in one place. It’s also fantastic for being a distraction–I can lose myself in Pinterest for endless amounts of time–and I have better things to do with my time and other things to focus my attention. I also want to teach myself to relax and enjoy life and do things that make me happy.

2. Complete the Love Dare. 40 days in the Love Dare. 40 days (debatably) in Lent. Why not now?

3. No swearing. I’ve gotten in the bad habit of cursing when something unexpected happens: I stub my toe (I do this a LOT), I drop the s-bomb. That one seems to be my curse word of choice. Now to come up with some creative, possibly amusing alternatives.

There are more things I want to accomplish, but I think the above 3 items will promote those as well.

Now. One day at a time.

About agoodlifeforme

I am... a wife (married 3 years to "Hubs"). a momma to an energetic, feisty, smiley "Little" toddler. working full-time, currently using a Psychology degree as a coaster. lifelong never-been-published writer about to subject myself to the query letter twilight zone. addicted to caffeine in the mornings. most myself when I'm creating something. serial multi-tasker. always planning something. in love with the ocean, but live in a land-locked state. starting our own organic vegetable garden after always killing every plant that has been put in my care. learning to sew and hoping I don't stitch through my fingers. stubborn, kind, selective in the company I keep. at a healthy weight. I lost 74 pounds using totally healthy methods. I'm over 100 pounds lighter than I was when Little was born. a runner-in-training.
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