Have a thankful heart.

So I started late to do the “thankful leaves” or alternatively, the  “thankful feathers” for Thanksgiving, but I think it’s a good thing to do all year. I’ve started jotting down 2-3 things every day on my desk calendar that I’m grateful for and in December I want to establish something at home for all of us to add to. So far this week:

I’m thankful:

-to be able to take a family vacation

-for Little’s hugs (I remember how much she squeezed me during our hugs that morning)

-for a patient husband (I was cranky.)

-for a little girl who loves me so much she’ll sit in the bathroom and watch me get ready

-to have the means to provide for and even spoil said little girl at Christmas (and all year) when so many aren’t able to

-to have a day to relax with family [for Thanksgiving]

-for coffee

-for the magic of the holidays and the anticipation of seeing it through the eyes of my daughter

-to be starting new traditions with my family that will be a part of Little’s childhood memories

About agoodlifeforme

I am... a wife (married 3 years to "Hubs"). a momma to an energetic, feisty, smiley "Little" toddler. working full-time, currently using a Psychology degree as a coaster. lifelong never-been-published writer about to subject myself to the query letter twilight zone. addicted to caffeine in the mornings. most myself when I'm creating something. serial multi-tasker. always planning something. in love with the ocean, but live in a land-locked state. starting our own organic vegetable garden after always killing every plant that has been put in my care. learning to sew and hoping I don't stitch through my fingers. stubborn, kind, selective in the company I keep. at a healthy weight. I lost 74 pounds using totally healthy methods. I'm over 100 pounds lighter than I was when Little was born. a runner-in-training.
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