The one with self-portrait “after” photos.

The Hubs is going to do a photo session of Little and myself as part of my birthday present so I’ll have some professional comparison photos sometime in the near future. Among the photos I want just for fun specifically about the weight loss?

-Wear the exact outfit I did in the pro photos last August with sister-in-law for a photo

-Take one in my before jeans with Little inside with me

This morning a coworker commented that I’m “sure looking good” and she asked me if I weigh less than when I got pregnant (yes. 50 lbs lighter) and she couldn’t remember me being 74 pounds heavier. So I brought up photos to prove it. I was more shocked than anything when I saw how big I was. It’s bizarre. I was just so…so…puffy. Up until now, I hadn’t taken a recent progress photo. The last one I took and posted was 21 pounds ago. (I’m 2 lbs under goal.) I thought I looked pretty slim there, relatively speaking, so it’s strange to realize that I’m almost 21 pounds smaller now.

Anyway, here’s where it all started (June 2010) compared to today:

Now, before you ask, why yes that is a work bathroom self-portrait. Classy, I know. And my oh my, how flattering is the lighting. Bleh. I swear I do my hair sometimes occasionally–okay, fine. You’re far more likely to find me sporting a pony tail than glamming it up with blow-dried, purdy hair. What? Clean and brushed isn’t acceptable?


Stunned to be posting this information, but why not, right?

(Oh, and in answer to another question you might be asking yourself, I’m 6 foot even. I’m big, no pun intended, on people realizing that weight is relative to height. I have a good buddy who is 5 foot 1. Her goal weight is 105 pounds. The upper end of her healthy weight range does not even touch the minimum healthy weight for my height. Point being, don’t have unrealistic expectations for yourself and don’t judge others, myself included. “Mmkay, pumpkin?”)

Starting weight (June 2010): 244 (boy, did that number smack me in the face like a sack of bricks when I finally decided to face the scale)

Goal weight was: 170 (-74 lbs)

Current weight is: 168 (and change)

Starting jeans size: 18W (Yes. Another sack of bricks in the face.)

Current jeans size: 10. 8 in DKNY. Love them.

I am well below pre-pregnancy weight, wedding weight, first meeting the Hubs weight, college weight, and high school junior/senior weight.

I will never be a zero, but I have my eye on being an 8 in all jeans brands. (Although Stanley Tucci’s remark that they don’t have anything in their Runway closet that would fit a size six, let alone an 8 or a 10 kind of stings.) I typically wear size medium shirts, but some are too big. I have clothes I dreamed of wearing again that now drown me. It’s a surreal state of mind right now. The skin could shrink, I’m not going to lie. That bugs me a little, but overall, I’m totally content.

I know people always talk about how the maintenance part is the challenge so I’m not going to claim mastery status and that food and weight won’t always be something that I have to be on top of, but to me, it’s worth it. Now, do I get badges or stars for every month I maintain? A cookie, perhaps?

I kid. Anyway, I’m not quite to maintenance. I’m already onto my next weight goal of 164 and I’ll take it from there. I’d be fascinated to get into the 150s. Even 159. One day, week, month at a time.

About agoodlifeforme

I am... a wife (married 3 years to "Hubs"). a momma to an energetic, feisty, smiley "Little" toddler. working full-time, currently using a Psychology degree as a coaster. lifelong never-been-published writer about to subject myself to the query letter twilight zone. addicted to caffeine in the mornings. most myself when I'm creating something. serial multi-tasker. always planning something. in love with the ocean, but live in a land-locked state. starting our own organic vegetable garden after always killing every plant that has been put in my care. learning to sew and hoping I don't stitch through my fingers. stubborn, kind, selective in the company I keep. at a healthy weight. I lost 74 pounds using totally healthy methods. I'm over 100 pounds lighter than I was when Little was born. a runner-in-training.
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2 Responses to The one with self-portrait “after” photos.

  1. Came across your blog – like yourself, I am a new mom – daughter is around 8 months. I also work full time and travel like a crazy person (yes, its hard…) Anyway, it was great to read your blog and see how much progress you have made. Stories like this prove that it can be done! I think its important for people to realize that it takes time. Plus, I think its all about the person making the internal decision to make the change. You can’t force someone to change. Good work!

    • Thanks, Maggie. I definitely agree with you that it takes time. Sometimes I felt like things were dragging and sometimes they were, but there was still progress being made. It really doesn’t take any diet fad or expensive program–that’s something I really try to emphasize when people ask me what my “secret” is. Great to hear from you!

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