The dog days are over.

The horses are coming so you better run.

I’ve been cruising to my goal weight for the past couple of months. I figured out that the stationary bike, which I loathe, was only supplementary and therefore, not required to achieve my goal. Call me lazy, but I decided to give myself a break from formal exercise. I definitely do get in a calorie burn dancing with Little, cleaning, and putting my Pinterest pins into action. So I stopped hopping aboard that awful, uncomfortable seat.

I knew that once I reached goal weight, I’d make the transition to toning. I knew that once the weather started to cool down, I would get back into running and start endurance training up to a 5K, 10K, and beyond.


I’m 0.6 pounds from goal.

The weather in the morning and evenings is getting increasingly pleasant.

I have new running shoes, new proper running socks, a moisture-wicking sports bra, and “Heatwear” Under Armor shirt in yellow (so I’m visible for motorists and to represent the Little).

It’s time.

I’m giving myself 3 months. 3 months to tone up and train for a 10K. Really, it’s a 5K because of the offering of events coordinating with the conclusion of the 3 months, but I should be able to do a 10K after following the training schedule.

The training schedule is courtesy of the book pictured to the left. It has a promising Amazon rating and it makes sense. I have to confess that the schedule is a bit overwhelming to a rookie runner. Sure, I got some time in before the weather reached scorching levels, but nothing like what they’re expecting of me in the neat and tidy 13-week layout.

I have goals to meet, but at this point, without having even gotten my feet wet in the program, it’s difficult to know what I’ll be able to keep up with, seeing as a) the kinks and sci-fi horror film issues relating to cloning have not been resolved to my understanding and 2) we haven’t been able to sway Zoila away from Jeff Lewis or take the time to look for a house cleaning service that will take on our humble abode for a reasonable cost and c) I’m already tired thinking of juggling multiple fitness interests while maintaining the house (even with a hubby who’s awesome about doing housework), not taking away from playtime with Little, getting quality time with the husband, getting to continue being a bookworm, having time to create things–to write, to paint, to get my craft on with Little.

So, here’s the starting plan:

-3 days a week for the running program (with a rest day in between)

-1 day a week of weight training per week

-1 day of pilates per week

I’d like to bump up the frequency of weight training and pilates, but I’m going to take it slow to start. It’ll be plenty for me when my months of “rest” take their toll on me during the first few weeks.

I’m not wanting to really take a stab at what measurements and what weight are reasonable to aim for, since this is totally new territory for me. I think another 10 pounds is reasonable, but as I tone up, it might counteract weight loss. Inches are tough too because it’s mainly loose skin that I’m dealing with. Most of that will just take time and will shrink up naturally. Fortunately, because I’ve had slow and semi-consistent weight loss, it’s kind of done that all along, but my skin still needs to play catchup at this point. Also, if the loose skin shrinks, my body might have a totally different look and too much additional pounds lost would start to look…unhealthy.

It’s funny that I’ve been on this journey for 15+ months and people are just starting to notice or they’ve just decided to say something. I think it has something to do with my height. It’s harder to notice a difference on a taller frame early on, but as I’ve gotten lighter, I’ve gone down sizes quicker (when I was frustratingly the same size for a looong time even after dropping serious poundage). Whatever the reason, it’s usually an every day or every other day occurrence to get comments. I had one coworker (who I’ve probably spoken to once) confess to checking me out (Hubs, ’twas a female) and then she just gushed over me. Which is nice. I won’t lie. I’ve never really been comfortable with getting showered with attention, but honestly, I like the idea that I’m an advertisement for healthy weight loss. That I did accomplish something. That I did it the right way. That it’s noticeable to other people and not just an evil trick of the scale and designer sizing standards.

Another distant coworker approached good buddy Deanna after I passed by him in the hall and asked “Um, is she shrinking?!

Despite my lifelong phobia of public attention, or attention in general, this is nice. I think all the compliments help me see myself differently, too. It’s hard to change the image I have of myself being very heavy (or “proportionate” as some so euphemistically put it) with double chins, solid tree trunk legs (from weight and severe water retention even before I got a positive pregnancy test), and just feeling so devastatingly self-conscious. All the time.

So all the compliments are great, but I know it’s not something to get used to. Eventually everyone will be used to the size I am now and it will be less like they blinked and I went from a before photo to an after. (Minus the professional hair and makeup artists and designer wardrobe.) I didn’t do this for compliments. I did this to feel confident. And I do. I did this to be able to keep up with Little. And I do. I did this to be healthier. And I am.

But I’m not done yet. For now, I have 0.6 pounds left to lose to hit that original goal, that elusive number that I picked over a year ago, not feeling confident that I’d ever reach it. I have this last week to mentally prepare myself for the challenge I’m about to take on for 13 weeks. I will start with my pilates and weight training this week to ensure that I reach or surpass my goal. Then I’ll be off and running walk/running.

Goal before and after photos to come.

About agoodlifeforme

I am... a wife (married 3 years to "Hubs"). a momma to an energetic, feisty, smiley "Little" toddler. working full-time, currently using a Psychology degree as a coaster. lifelong never-been-published writer about to subject myself to the query letter twilight zone. addicted to caffeine in the mornings. most myself when I'm creating something. serial multi-tasker. always planning something. in love with the ocean, but live in a land-locked state. starting our own organic vegetable garden after always killing every plant that has been put in my care. learning to sew and hoping I don't stitch through my fingers. stubborn, kind, selective in the company I keep. at a healthy weight. I lost 74 pounds using totally healthy methods. I'm over 100 pounds lighter than I was when Little was born. a runner-in-training.
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